Alzoba is a Kuwait-based company engaging in trading, construction, food marketing and IT solutions.

Trading Division

Safety products & Hazmat supplies

Safety Products

Al Zoba prides itself on being a professional and experienced specialist supplier for all safety products and accessories to Kuwait's construction and industrial industries. We provide a wide range of safety products including dust masks, respirators, technical products, footwear, work wear, safety signs, eyewear, gloves and traffic cones. We also offer professional advice to ensure you get the right safety equipment for the job.

We understand the importance of meeting occupational health and safety standards and therefore strive to keep you protected both onsite and at the workplace. We are dedicated to providing customers with the latest quality products which are innovative and conform to current trends and legislation.

  • Ear Protection

    Ear Protection

  • Eye Protection

    Eye Protection

  • Foot Protaction

    Foot Protaction

  • General Safety

    General Safety

  • Head Protection

    Head Protection

  • Personal Protection

    Personal Protection

  • Safety Wear

    Safety Wear

  • Trauma Kit

    Trauma Kit

  • Water Safety Products

    Water Safety Products

HazMat and Absorbent Supplies

Al Zoba prides itself on being the only professional and experienced specialist supplier & Stockiest for all Hazmat and absorbent products in the Middle-East. Al Zoba provides Hazmat supplies to many industries including the US military stationed in Middle-East, government agencies, oil, gas, power, energy, chemical, petro-chemical and construction industries, and the transportation sector. We also offer professional advice to ensure you get the right hazmat product for the job.

This combined with our volume buying power and controlled costs, allows us to offer you the best available products at the most competitive prices. The products we sell have been tested, used in real-life situations and deemed the best value for your money. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with top-notch customer service driven by our hands on experience with the products we sell. But it does not end there. We want to continue to earn your trust.

  • 30 Gallons Spill Kit

    30 Gallons Spill Kit

  • 95 Gallons Spill Kit

    95 Gallons Spill Kit

  • Caustic Spill Kits

    Caustic Spill Kits

  • Containment Work Station

    Containment Work Station

  • GS10 oil Gator

    GS10 oil Gator

  • Hazmat Products

    Hazmat Products

  • Hazzard Huts

    Hazzard Huts

  • Over Pack Drums

    Over Pack Drums

  • Spill Decks and Pallets

    Spill Decks and Pallets

Our trading

  • Mobile dispensing units Aggregate Conduit fittings
  • Disconnect switches Electrical cable Generators
  • Grounding Accessories Packing materials Welding Consumables

ISO Certifications

quality iso9001 certified iso14001 uasl iso45001