Alzoba is a Kuwait-based company engaging in trading, construction, food marketing and IT solutions.


Heavy equipment leasing

Heavy equipment leasing

Al Zoba Co. Equipment Rental serves as a vital and trusted partner for hundreds of customers in the military, industrial, petrochemical, governmental, and construction businesses across Kuwait and Iraq. By providing timely rentals, maintenance, service and sales of used equipment, tools, and parts, we help our customers to do their jobs more efficiently and more profitably.

Al Zoba Co. offers rental programs for warehousing, construction and material handling equipment. We have over 20 years of combined management experience.

Our ongoing development and phenomenal growth in the equipment rental industry are evidence of the company's commitment to offering customers a comprehensive range of products which perform at optimum efficiency and provide valuable benefits.

Al Zoba Co. has also built a high level of customer trust and satisfaction through our equipment availability and reliability, strong geographic presence, premium service and unparalleled value.

Equipment Rental

We provide the finest selection of ready to work equipment in the industry. Whether your needs are construction or material handling equipment (MHE), we offer competitive rates for your day, week or monthly equipment requirements.

We also provide very reasonable rental/purchase options for companies that wish to work with our equipment prior to purchase and confirm its quality and value firsthand.

Our services

  • Container house High rise works HVAC maintenance
  • Installation of concrete panels Laundry Services Porta cabin