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Commercial laundry services

Commercial laundry services

"Outsourcing solutions in support services. Laundry pick up/drop up service for the military, commercial and industrial institutions including the healthcare sector" Al Zoba commercial Laundry Service has been offering dependable, on time, competitively priced laundry service. We have perfected our laundry processes to provide outstanding cleaning while extending textile life. Resulting in a reputation for excellence and a program of proven results. Al Zoba Laundry Service makes the difference when it comes to delivering not only the service, but the promises. We are committed to providing a laundry service to all institutions intent on providing quality while focusing on cost containment and the optimum use of linen.

Focus on the results:

  • Reduced Processing Costs
  • Extended Linen Life
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Highest Quality Service

Outsourcing linen/uniform services reduces cost therefore enhancing profitability. Al Zoba Laundry services' mission is to be the outsourcing solution for your facility needs. Our scope of services can be tailored to reflect your needs and designed to save you money.

Our services

  • Container house High rise works HVAC maintenance
  • Installation of concrete panels Laundry Services Porta cabin