Alzoba is a Kuwait-based company engaging in trading, construction, food marketing and IT solutions.



Quality Statement

We at Al Zoba Co. have the highest respect for our clients, partners, and the communities in which we work, and we are grateful for their contribution to our continuing success.

We feel honored and privileged to work with them. We are committed to meeting their expectations, as well as our obligations under every mandate entrusted to us.

We listen to their feedback, and respond to the best of our technical and managerial abilities. We are committed to their complete satisfaction.

To best serve these various stakeholders, we have implemented Client Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement Programs in every division, Sites and Projects. These programs are based on the applicable requirements of International Standard for Quality Control.

  • Quality Commitment

    We are committed to meeting the expectations of our clients, our partners and the communities in which we work by providing advanced technical and managerial skills with the highest levels of professional integrity.

    The quality of our product is the reason for our collective success. Each of us is committed to contributing to this overall success.

  • Quality Policy

    Quality at Al Zoba Co. means satisfying clients on each and every project and mandate we execute. It is the policy of Al Zoba Co. to achieve client satisfaction through the careful management of our work processes, with due attention to value creation through scope, schedule, cost control, and with emphasis on safety and the environment.

  • Implementation

    Quality is an integral part of every aspect of our business. A Quality Control Plan shall be developed for every project. The Quality Plan shall address the specific needs of the client, key technical features, and execution measures to ensure success and a monitoring plan to deliver results. The Quality control Plan shall incorporate appropriate methods to obtain feedback from the client during project execution for measuring and monitoring client satisfaction.

    Monitoring of Quality control Plan shall focus on the application and improvement of work processes and methodology. At the completion of each project, the lessons learned shall be documented by the project manager and disseminated within the business unit.

    Based on feedback from the clients, as well as the lessons learned from the projects, each business unit shall develop a continuous improvement program, focusing on the improvement of work processes and its own QMS.

  • Records

    Each Division shall maintain proper documentation and archiving systems ensuring the preservation of objective evidence of compliance with legal, contractual and Quality Control requirements.

    At least once in each calendar year, each Division shall perform a Management Review of the Quality Control, evaluating its effectiveness in areas such as compliance with Corporate Quality Policy, procedures, customer satisfaction and continuous improvements.

  • Quality Reporting

    A comprehensive record keeping and QC reporting is an indispensable quality management tool. In addition to identifying specific deficiencies, careful report analysis will also detect patterns in the team's performance. If these patterns are detrimental, early detection and correction will save time, effort, and money for both the Client and the contractor.

    Our QC reports present an accurate and complete picture of QC activities. QC reports do not concentrate only on work items that have been completed, but also must provide evidence of control activities. They are precise, factual, legible, as objective as possible, and emphasize QC actions.

    The CQC System Manager/Officer shall turn in CQC reports on a daily basis. This report shall be delivered to the Area Engineer Office noting the activities of the previous day. Inspection report shall be attached to the daily report.

    The reports and control forms we have are detailed in our General QC Plan.


  • The official website of AlZoba gets a facelift

    With a host of exciting features and an impressive new design, the official website of AlZoba Co. is now online. The new website contains a wealth of information about our diverse business interests across a wide range of industries. We hope our online presence will be great source for our stakeholders to learn about us

  • AlZoba

    Al Zoba Co. W.L.L established in 1988 with a mission to be a single source for undertaking service and contracting in the industry. We aim to set a benchmark of excellence as a leader in services and contracting. It gives us great pleasure on being approved contractors for the US Defense in the Gulf region for the last decade.



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