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As the Kuwait representative of “AKBAR TEA”, world's largest Tea Exporter, under the umbrella of Akbar brand, we offer a comprehensive range of Ceylon tea products such as black and green tea in loose packs, tea bags, flavored teas, teas packed in gift packs and in assortments of tins / bottles to Kuwait Market. Akbar Brand tea products are constantly updated and new innovative packs are regularly developed to keep ahead of the global trends. Akbar tea product range is positioned to always offer the best value to the consumer by ensuring the highest quality standards at a competitive price.

Akbar brand teas, which are 100% pure Ceylon tea, are hand-picked and garden fresh. Freshness is a vital aspect in the making of fine teas as they absorb moisture from the moment they leave the plantation and until they are packed.

Akbar brand tea is packed in state-of-the-art production facilities in Sri Lanka, utilizing the latest high-tech automated processing and packaging machinery that ensure the highest quality of packaging. Each consignment of Akbar brand tea undergoes rigorous quality checks and tests by experienced tea tasters and quality supervisors during every stage of production up to time of shipment and delivery.

Finally, each consignment is personally approved by an Akbar family member giving it the added reassurance of quality!

In 2011, Akbar tea Exported a record 53 million kilograms of tea, positioning itself as the largest exporter of single origin tea in the world,which represented 16% of the Sri Lanka`s total production of tea. Akbar brand has won many prestigious national and international awards over the years for outstanding export performance to over 80 countries worldwide including Presidential Export Awards for the ‘Best Sri Lankan Brand Exporter’ and ‘Exporter to the largest Number of destinations’.

The Akbar Group is run by the fifth generation of the Akbar family in the tea trade, spanning over 140 years.

Akbar Group Commitment to quality was rewarded when their tea bagging plant became the first in Sri Lanka to be accredited with ISO 9002 and HACCP Certifications.

Akbar Tea Collection

  • Premium

  • Gold range

  • Silver range

  • Blue Amethyst

    Blue Amethyst

  • Brown Gold

    Brown Gold

  • Pink Garnet

    Pink Garnet

  • PlatinumRange

    Platinum Range

  • Purple Alexandrite Range

    Purple Alexandrite Range

  • Pyramid Tea Bags

    Pyramid Tea Bags

  • Red Garnet Range

    Red Garnet Range

  • yellow Gold Range

    Yellow gold range

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