Alzoba is a Kuwait-based company engaging in trading, construction, food marketing and IT solutions.

Construction Division

Turnkey building maintenance

A well-maintained workplace can create the right impression, improve employee efficiency, and reduce your operational costs. As a proven leader in building maintenance, Al Zoba Co. has provided unparalleled attention to detail since 2000. We satisfy even the most demanding clients, including many large real estate companies, the US Military, many foreign embassy, universities, private schools and corporate facilities.

Cost effectiveness is a prime reason for our building services offering - but in addition, the benefits of a single line of communication can save hours of valuable management time. This allows you the freedom to do what you do best - concentrate on the smooth running of your organisation whilst we take care of your building.

Our core building services activity is planned preventative maintenance (PPM) - available on a mobile or residential basis.

With Al Zoba Co. Building Maintenance Services, you can be sure that you have building engineers with the necessary skills to deal with any problems as they arise. Al Zoba Co. Building Maintenance Services train all their staff to the very highest professional, technical and safety standards with ongoing training needs regularly assessed.

So, whether you are in charge of a single 25,000 square facility or a multi-state chain comprising hundreds of thousands of square feet, Al Zoba Co. is the source for all of your building maintenance, service and staffing needs.

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ISO Certifications

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