Alzoba is a Kuwait-based company engaging in trading, construction, food marketing and IT solutions.

Construction Division

Fire Proofing Waterproofing and Thermal Insulation Works

Water Proofing we have vast experience to support and attend any water leakage problem to many of its clients and provides solution to water tight structures and various other buildings.

Fire Proofing we are specialized in all types of fire-proofing works, Apply UL approved fireproofing systems to protect structural steel columns, beams, joists and decking. Many of our systems also provide insulation and acoustical benefits.

Thermal Insulation, All our insulation work is performed by our skilled mechanics regularly engaged in the insulation trade. We are responsible for coordination and cooperation with you & other trades so that the installation is performed with minimum interference and conflict.

  • Fire Proofing
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Waterproofing


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ISO Certifications

quality iso9001 certified iso14001 uasl iso45001