Alzoba is a Kuwait-based company engaging in trading, construction, food marketing and IT solutions.

Construction Division


  • Al Zoba Co. has catered to large requirements of prefab units for many prestigious customers within and outside Kuwait. Al Zoba Co. undertakes complete projects from initial designing to fabrication, supply, installation and finishing to the exact requirement and specifications of the client, made from Sandwich polyurethane panels, corrugated sheets.

    Al Zoba Co. provides best solution for a structurally strong, safe, easily stackable, economically re-locatable, compact and comfortable pre-fabricated facility. The products can be classified as

    Porta-Cabins (prefab building)

    • Housing units
    • Office/Site Units
    • Containerized housing units(CHU)
    • Storage Units
    • Labor Camps
    • Security Cabins

    Shower & Latrine Units

    • Ablution units
    • Shower Trailers
  • American PVC Tents & Temporary Structures

    Fabrication and installation American dome PVC Fabric Tents. Sunshades & LAMS with complete Civil, HVAC, Electrical, Fire Fighting and Protection and Plumbing works

    American Dome type PVC Tents, We fabricate supply and install tents and sunshades which are resistant to mildew, tearing, ripping and abrasion damage, easy to maintain and can withstand winds of up to 100kph with up to 129kph gusting and withstand harsh desert environment. These fabrics are heavy-duty made from the highest grade polyvinyl chloride laminated to polyester or nylon scrim and fire retardant which meets the ASTM American British DIN standards.

    LAMS, We build custom size Large Area Maintenance Shelters (LAMS) to meet the requirements of the clients with complete installation of Civil, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing works.

    Sprung System & Clam Shell, Al Zoba Co. undertakes complete installation of Sprung and clam Shell system from initial earth works to supply, installation and finishing with complete Electrical and HVAC works.

    Temporary Power Generation, Al Zoba Co. provides a complete diesel powered generators primary and one back-up in compliance with MEW/NEC to supply electricity to RLBs, tents and temporary buildings along with diesel feeding tanks as required by the client.

  • Guard Towers

    Al Zoba Co. fabricates and installs guard towers constructed from precast concrete/Steel components that are suitable for use in Military Installations, City Prisons, Government sector and private sector with the following facilities:

    • A blast protected ballistic door with fortified window and shooting slit
    • Fortified external compressor with internal and external power outlets
    • Electric Cabinet – 2 circuits (A/C, Search light)
    • Safety Transformer (including reduction for grounding)
    • At least a 4 meter metal tower with staircase to be connected to base concrete slab
    • Roof mounted spot light
    • Internal connections for telecoms to support local phone, internet
  • Doors & Windows (Metal/Aluminum)

    Al Zoba Offer industry leading design, testing, manufacture and installation of custom doors and windows that fulfill various acoustical, stainless steel, bullet, blast, security, thermal and radio frequency needs. Our range of service and product comprises of the following:

    • Hollow core metal steel doors
    • Solid core metal steel doors
    • Steel and aluminum Roll up doors (manual and motorized)
    • Aluminum and Steel Architectural Products and Fabrication i.e. windows, structural glazing, sliding doors, partitions etc
    • Door Hardware –Sargent mortises locksets with "R-keyed" cylinders, Sargent panic hardware, Sargent door closer, Kaba Simplex Cipher Locksets, Schlage Locksets, Kiwkset Locks and door handles.
  • Chain Link Fencing,

    Al Zoba Co. undertakes complete installation of Chain Link Fencing from initial earth works to include Excavation, Concrete, installation and finishing with complete line polls, corner polls, chain link mesh, Pedestrian & double gate, PVC screen, Concertina Wire.

  • Concertina wire Fencing

    Concertina wire Fencing are widely used for security, as these are the latest & very effective mode of security fencing. Razor sharp blades make it impossible for trespassers, thieves, animals, etc to trespass or scale the protected area.

    Chain Link & Concertina fencing are ideal for high security & safety for border area, sensitive zones, military area, industrial, domestic places, and many more.

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ISO Certifications

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