Alzoba is a Kuwait-based company engaging in trading, construction, food marketing and IT solutions.

About Alzoba


  • The official website of AlZoba gets a facelift

    With a host of exciting features and an impressive new design, the official website of AlZoba Co. is now online. The new website contains a wealth of information about our diverse business interests across a wide range of industries. We hope our online presence will be great source for our stakeholders to learn about us

  • AlZoba

    Al Zoba Co. W.L.L established in 1988 with a mission to be a single source for undertaking service and contracting in the industry. We aim to set a benchmark of excellence as a leader in services and contracting. It gives us great pleasure on being approved contractors for the US Defense in the Gulf region for the last decade.


Corporate Responsibility

  • At Al Zoba Co., we are committed to fostering a business environment where fair, honest, respectful dealings with each other, our customers, Investors, competitors, suppliers, government agencies, and communities are everyone's responsibility. Our unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards of business conduct is a core value that is strongly sanctioned at every level of management.

    Standards of Business Conduct

    Our Standards of Business Conduct stress the importance of abiding by the law, being truthful, being transparent in our business dealings, putting the needs of our Investors, and customers first, and steering clear of excesses and ethical lapses.

  • Employees & the Workplace

    Employees & the Workplace Al Zoba Co. is committed to helping employees feel valued and inspired. We aim to attract, retain, empower, and motivate our employees and to create an inclusive environment where all feel welcome.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Al Zoba Co. is committed to conducting our businesses in an environmentally responsible and proactive manner, consistent with our commitment to corporate citizenship, social responsibility and sustainability. Our experience has demonstrated that sustainable business practices can be cost-effective, build employee and customer loyalty and even drive new business for the company. We aim to conserve natural resources and minimize waste through source reduction and recycling; handle and dispose of wastes through safe, environmentally responsible methods; encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources; and encourage our business partners and suppliers to strive for the same high levels of environmental performance.

    Environmental Policy

    • We encourage investment and constructive engagement in environmentally friendly goods and services.
    • We will assess environmental risks and continually strive to minimize pollution and improve the environment.
    • We will comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and engage with external stakeholders on environmental issues.
    • We are committed to reducing waste and conserving energy and natural resources to minimize the impact of our footprint on the environment.
    • We will communicate this policy to all employees to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage environmentally friendly initiatives.
    • We make this policy available for public review.